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The CCT Lavender VIP Membership is a discount offered to our most loyal customers. By participating in this VIP Membership, Members agree to these terms & conditions and any amendments.

How to become our VIP members?

CCT Lavender VIP Members are who frequently make purchases in CCT Lavender Farm Café. Loyal customers will be asked if they would like to join the CCT Lavender VIP Membership. When full name, a valid phone number and email is given, as part of our loyal VIP program, you may receive email messages, text messages, or other types of messages from CCT Lavender.

Terms and Conditions


By participating in this VIP Membership, Members agree to these terms & conditions and any amendments.

1. The CCT Lavender VIP Member Card is a reward card only and benefits can only be applied upon presentation of the physical VIP Member Card by the relevant VIP Member. Photo of the card will not be accepted.

2. The VIP Benefits provides:


   a.   5% discount off all food and beverages purchases, but not including alcoholic beverages purchased. Benefit applies on                         Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to the relevant Member’s bill.


   b.   5% discount off the entry tickets of CCT Lavender Farm all year around, limited 10 tickets per card.


   c.   5% discount off all CCT Lavender our own brand products.


   d.   5% discount off all the charged entertainment facilities


   e.   Eligible to participate our special events. The details of every special event will send to the email address leaved in the VIP member form.


3. VIP member card is only valid for VIP Member holding and using on site at CCT Lavender Farm and café.


4. CCT Lavender is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cards. Please contact staff for replacement if card is lost, damaged or stolen.


5. The VIP Member Card is not valid with any other coupons, vouchers, discounts or in-store offers. The VIP Member Card is valid on public holidays.


6. VIP Member Cards are not debit, credit or charge cards, are not transferable and remain the property of CCT Lavender Ltd.


7. CCT Lavender Ltd. reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions and/or the qualifying and reward discount amounts of the Loyalty VIP Member programme at any time. Any changes made to the terms and conditions will be posted on the CCT Lavender website.


8. VIP member card is only used in private activities, no for commercial activities.


9. CCT Lavender reserves the right to terminate VIP Member Program at any time by giving you at least 15 days prior written notice in which case you will cease to be able to use and/ or participate within VIP Program and CCT Lavender shall have no further liability to you.


10. CCT Lavender will use your information for our own administration, marketing and promotional purposes. We will not provide your details to third party companies for marketing purpose.


11. CCT Lavender will take all measures to ensure compliance with its obligations under the Privacy Act in relation to your personal information.

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