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The lavender field is open for flower picking from November to February.​

Entry passes are required. Booking are available via Facebook Messenger

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December - February

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*Group tickets have to be a minimum of 50 people and above. 

For booking group tickets, please contact our farm office. 

Map: Vicky Wang Year 12

Signs: Conan C Year 8

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1.Traffic (one way)


When approaching our area, please follow the signs to enter and exit the carpark.

Traffic control team on-site will give assistance if needed.

2. Car Park 

There are plenty of parking spaces available, including overflow carpark, please do not stop and park by the roadside. Portable toilets are available at the carpark.

3. Café 

If you would like to skip the walk-in queue for the cafe, please leave your booking information via FB Messenger and your reservation will be ready once we confirmed. Our cafe menu is available online.

* When café reaches its maximum capacity, there are food and drinks available at the lavender field catering containers.Catering container locations are shown on the map above​.

4.Flower Picking

Entry passes are required during our flowering season

(Dec - Feb).

Please follow the lavender field enter and exit signs when enjoying the scene of lavender blooming

Portable toilets are available in the lavender field.

CCT Lavender Farm Visitor Information

-No pets allowed on the farm except guide dogs  


-Honey bees work hard in the lavender field.  Please keep an eye out for bees.   

 Please be very careful if you are allergic to bee stings. 

 If you need first aid in the lavender field, please go to the container shed in the middle of the field.


-Please watch your children at all times  


-Please do not use drones.  


-No smoking or vaping.  


-Please do not pick the lavender flowers or stand or sit on the garden beds.


-Please read all farm signs and only walk in the farm open area.  


-Mind your step and be aware of potholes and sludge in the field.  


-Please do not feed any farm animals or neighbouring animals  


-Please go to the front entrance for a café table and wait to be served. 


-Beware of moving machinery  


-No commercial activities permitted without permission in advance.

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